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Hanes' History

For nearly a century, Hanes has been clothing America.

Since Hanes Underwear was first introduced in 1901, Hanes has evolved from a basic line of men’s underwear to the leader in men’s, women’s and children’s clothing from socks to underwear and casual apparel.

Today 88% of US citizens buy Hanes.

Pleasant (P.H.) Hanes formed P.H. Hanes Knitting Co. to produce underwear for men.
Hanes introduced new two-piece underwear, a radical departure from the traditional one-piece union suit that was popular at that time. The same year, brother J. Wesley Hanes formed Shamrock Mills Co. to produce men's hosiery.

In 1965, the two Hanes companies merged to form Hanes Corporation, the first time two companies with the same name merged.

1970's In the mid 70’s, executives at Hanes Knitting discovered that their white underwear product were being screenprinted and worn as outerwear. Keith Alms of Hanes Knitwear believed there was a viable business in selling white underwear T-shirts to screenprinters.

Hanes introduces a heavier-weight T-shirt, called the Hanes Beefy-T®, specifically for the screenprint industry. Later that same year, Hanes develops the "screenprinter fold" eliminating the additional cost and handling of individual packaging.

Hanes Printables becomes a separate division of Hanes Knitwear dedicated to distributing imprintable T-shirts and other apparel.

Hanes starts its business in Europe with a European collection.

Hanes starts printables business in Europe and very fast becomes a big and impressive brand in
promotional textile market. Soon after Hanes also sells in Central East Europe.

Hanes completes successful range of Top T, Top Polo and Top sweats.

Hanes sponsors clothing for about 70.000 voluntary helpers at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Celebration of 100 Years of Hanes with special events

Slightly more fashionable styles and the transformation from unisex collection to separate collections
for men and women has revolutionary impact in the market.

With the innovative 10/15 program Hanes introduces the perfect business solution that makes the customers choice easy.

The great success of the 10/15 program shows that Hanes always knows what the customers need. And therefore increased
the program by 5 new styles: 10/15 becomes 10/20!


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