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What do you want to say?

As T Shirt Printers we at T Shirt Choice are constantly on the look out for the latest trends and designs that the fashionistas are throwing about the underground from the clubs to the boutiques. Fashion moves like the proverbial clappers and indeed there is many a truth in the verse " One week he's in polka dots, the next week he's in stripes" so keeping in touch with what is happening is like trying to count grains of sand on the beach.

Over the years there have been some slogans printed on t shirts which have become recognised world wide; the 'I'm with Stupid' and 'My daughter went to...and all I got was this lousy T Shirt' are two which most people will recognise. Some designs have reached iconic status including the 'I Love NY' (substitute the word love with a red heart) and the red, white and blue Mod target used heavily by the Lambretta fashion house.

We have been printing t shirts for many a year and have seen some truly bizarre designs and slogans in that time, all with one thing in common; the individuality. No matter what is being paraded on the catwalks of London and Milan the t shirt seems to refuse to be held by the constraints of 'this seasons trends'. Everyone has got something to say be it an individual, group, band, movement, charity or business and what better way to make a statement without over intruding is there than to brandish it for all to see on a mobile advert; the T Shirt?

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